“Overwhelming filmmaking“  rtsun

“A very cheerful and vivid film. A portrayal of five gorgeous women.“ Le Matin Dimanche

“The two directors deliver a sensitive movie that – a rare thing nowadays – highlights retired women.“ 24 Heures

“Anonymous lives transcended by the directors sensitivity.“ Magazine BellaVita

Les Dames explores 60-years-old womens loneliness, a subject rarely adressed in films. “ Magazine Femina

 “A shiny female planet. A sensitive film that above all portrays the power of Life.“ 24 Heures

“The filmmakers transcend a subject that could have been quite gloomy, and deliver a very cheerful movie.“ La Liberté

“An intense and revealing documentary. A feel good movie, infinitely respectful and positive.“ The Jura daily newspaper

 “By the accuracy and originality of his themes, Les Dames is a great achievement.“ Gauche Hebdo

 “In “Les Dames“, the fimmakers rediscover the poetry of reality and authenticity of “The Little Bedroom“,. By filming these five women with infinite delicacy, they highlight the depth of their words and the ineffable grace of their human qualities.“ Le Courrier

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