What brings 250 people every year to challenge their lifestyle and go back to school on their free time? What are their motivations when they’ve been on the labour market for several years and have a stable job situation?

“Evening classes for adults“ slips into the microcosm of students like no others, who share a teaching for a few years, in parallel with their everyday job and sometimes a busy family life. While some are seeking to acquire a better general knowledge, most of them want to open new doors, hoping that the bachelor’s degree they’ve come to get will take them to University, giving them access to new professional oportunities.

Year of Production 2005
Documentary Length 47’00
Writers, directors Véronique Reymond, Stéphanie Chuat
Cinematographer Olivier Porchet
Additional Cinematographer Terry Schreyer
Sound Recordist Jürg Lempen
Editor David Monti
Composer Arthur Besson
Sound Editor/Sound Mix Denis Séchaud
Producers CAB Productions Lausanne
Télévision Suisse Romande