Are clowns sad in real life?

Howard Buten is a clown who hates clowns, but adores Swiss clown Grock. A psychologist who’s said to be more at ease with autistic people than with “normal” people. A novelist who wrote the bestseller When I Was Five I Killed Myself by hand with a pencil and an eraser. Howard Buten is also a clown named Buffo, an endearing and clumsy character who brings his violins to life, makes a rubber chicken sing and plays in the bigger theatres of Europe, including the mythical Olympia theatre in Paris…

Howard Buten is a man who loves silence and popcorn, who loves to be loved, but who doesn’t know how to say it. A man his own planet, a planet apart.

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Year of Production 2009
Documentary Length 48’00
Writers, directors Véronique Reymond, Stéphanie Chuat
Cast Howard Buten, Nancy Huston, Pierre Amoyal
Cinematographer Matthias Grunsky
Additional cinematographer Camille Cottagnoud
Editor Daniel Gibel, Karine Sudan
Composer Arthur Besson
Sound Editor/Sound Mix Gilles Abravanel
Producer Switch Prod, Lausanne
With the participation of  Télévision Suisse Romande
With the support of  Fondation vaudoise pour le cinéma, Fonds Régio,
Migros pour-cent culturel

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